Did u kow that I was wearing Marks and Spencer? (suara hati yang penuh arogansi)

Hah, i bet u didn’t!!
But yes, i swear to God, this black shoes i wear everyday is Marks and Spencer!
and u won’t find it here in Indonesia, cz My dad bought me from London. Yup, that’s right, that big Marks n’ Spencer store nearby the Clarks of London…
Have u been there? I bet u never see that ol’ Big Ben, right?! Coz ure just a pathetic parvenu, who acts like u can afford everything in the world with that credit card u have. By The Way, have u paid the bill? U dont wanna be like Bex in ‘Confession of a Shophaholic’ right?! That’d be sucha shame…
Well… I know that u might have several questions in ur mind… I’ll try to answer it…
Yes, that’s right, u just saw me got in a KWK 02
And u just saw my shoes looked ‘browny’ coz it was raining, darling… And i stepped on a mud. Ah, u know how Jakarta looks when it’s raining…
And that big -so out to date- bag i brought that time (actually i bought it in S’pore) is for my new 14 mio rupiahs laptop.
And yes, Im not that wealthy, but that’s if u compare me to Ichal Bakrie of course….
Yes i dont wear make up… Whats so wrong with that? it’s much better for me if ppl see me just the way i am…
Coz unlike you,i dont have to cover any ‘hole’ on my face or any pimples, I dont have any, thanks God.
what else?
Umm… Yup! I wear this Marks n Spencer for some reasons:
First, its comfortable, n’ price never lies
Second, Im not a postmodernist, but i just wanna show that this pair of shoes I wear, which can cost u like rp.1000.000 has stepped everywhere: Schools, Malls, Traditional Markets, and any place u might be seeing me here…
It’s expensive for most people in Indonesia. But i don’t like that fact. I make it down to earth….
I let this shoes see the real world, see the marginal people-even the sub marginal people u never wanna look at…
So, darlin’…. stop staring people from up to toe just like u did to me……..
And walk away with a pair of ur fake Guess and ur fake D n’ G bag…
And im sorry for the inconvinience 😉


4 thoughts on “Did u kow that I was wearing Marks and Spencer? (suara hati yang penuh arogansi)

  1. hohoho shin…another side of you yah..well, bet that right 🙂 i prefer comfortness than brand itself…keep wearing that syst 😉

  2. hahahahaha…bagus shin..bagus….
    menyadarkan qta betapa qta sering bangga pada sesuatu yg qta punya….padahal sih fungsinya ya sama2 aja…..
    spatu nine west juga sama2 diinjek di tanah kan??
    tas louis vuitton juga sama2 buat muat barang yg itu2 aja kan??
    ga ada yg beda…qta yg mempersepsikannya berbeda….

    • hihihi…. iya betulll dan sebel juga kenapa mbak2 high heels atau spg2 di mall2 highend itu harus men’scan dari atas ke bawah, seolah2 kita ga layak ada di sana…

      bener, sepatu nine west yang kita injek2 itu harganya sama dengan biaya kontrakan,susu,beras dan sembako lainnya plus uang transport buruh pabrik…

      imagine that!

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