People Do Change, Don’t They?

I just saw a photo of an old friend on my Facebook Timeline and I’m so glad to see him with his wife and baby boy. I can’t help my memory to flew back to many-many years ago when we were at the same class in highschool. I was not close to him, all I know was that he’s a nice boy. He failed the class last year, and still not working that hard. We then got in the same college. We would just say hi when we met, and asked each other, “whatsup..?”, or sort of. He did tell me once that he didn’t manage his grades very well.

So when I saw his picture with his wife and baby boy, I’m so glad. He looked so different than what he used to look like back then, messy and clueless and all. Now he looks neat, fresh and fatherly.

People make choices in their life, and people do change.

So, don’t judge anyone by what they are now… Because we will never know, perhaps tomorrow, or another day after tomorrow, he/she might probably change to be a better person, perhaps even better than us. I always remember my friend told me once to be patient to others. As much as we want ourselves to be understood… As much as we hate others judging us, so does other people… As much as we want other people to be patient with us… other people would want to be treated exactly the way we want to treated….


“And the Hereafter is better for you the the first (life)” (Al Quran, surah Ad-duha: 4)   


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