Hence, I Call It Love

When we cuddle up every morning, sometimes you look at me and ask me this question:

“You must be really love me, do you?”

With that smug look on your face. A face that really deserves a pillow thrown on it. 
But actually, yes, of course I love you. You’re the reason I stop believing in unconditional love. That’s just too…unrealistic. An unconditional love doesn’t even exist in movies. 

Ugly Betty? America Herrera is NOT ugly. What? A glasses and braces? Fashion disaster? She’s not ugly. She’s smart and at the end of the movie she lost some weight, remove her braces and change her haircut. She got prettier. And that’s a reason to love. A nice, smart, sweet lady.

50 First Dates. Bah! Lucy is very cute, adorable, and lovable. Even when something went wrong with her head, she still look cute. And Adam Sandler? Please don’t be mad at me when I sincerely say that he has a charming smile. Who wouldn’t want to be with him? See, It’s not unconditional love.

There must be reason to love your loved one. And here are mine:

1. Your patience. Even on my PMS days you’d just listen to me and smile. You REALLY DO LISTEN AND WAIT. The first I asked you, “How can you be so patient?”, you replied, “I know you’d be sorry later. I know you”. The second time, you answered, “I married you, so I accept you with your everything”.

2. You Appreciate Me. Unlike other men, with their huge ego, you let me study whatever I want to study. You let me talk about everything. You let me study Arabics, you let me finish my master degree, and again, you LISTEN to me when I talk like crazy, jumping from one topic to another in a very short term. And you never hesitate of asking me things you don’t know, even sometimes it does bother me because you keep asking and asking even if I’ve answered “I don’t know”. 

3. Your Arm and Armpit. LOL! 😀 It’s the warmest and the most comfortable place to lay my head on. I will re-phrase my friend’s FB status: The most comfortable place for a wife to lay on is her husband’s arm. But as for me, also your armpit. Xixixixi…

Well, those three aren’t enough for sure to describe why I love you. But I’m gonna tell you the main reason, why I REALLY LOVE YOU:

Because you’re my HUSBAND.

You married me, and you’ve taken me as your wife. You took my father’s responsibilities and look after me so tenderly. You’re willing to be the one who’s asked by GOD on the day of ressurection, asked about my wrongdoing, my tears, my joy, my pleasure, my happiness and sorrow. You work hard so that you can fulfill my needs. You’ve promised in front of Allah that you’d be my half, my imaam, in this world and hopefully we’ll be together again in HIS jannah. 

Although, there are still you and me in our little family, but I believe, you’re gonna be a great father for our future kids. And we’re gonna get there someday, insya Allah 🙂

So, what more can I say? 

I love you, for making me understand the meaning of “I Love You Because of Allah”:)
I love you, for marrying you makes every effort I do to please you is rewarded by Allah.
I love you, for marrying you makes every good deed we do together is rewarded more.
I love you, for marrying you makes every blessings flown over our fingers when we’re holding hands.
I love you, for marrying you makes our cuddling worthdoing. 
I love you, for marrying you means another way to get to HIS heaven (aamiin)
I love you, for being my husband ^_^

And sorry that you’re NOT my unconditional love 😉